Respecting the Environment




EMC Srl adopts an approach aimed to the total respect for the environment we live in, implementing policiess for the improvement of energy efficiency within its production structure.

In addition, as our production is based on the most modern technologies for energy consumption reduction, it also achieves significant reductions of harmful gas in the atmosphere.




Energy Efficiency Class A4


Autoproduced electricity through rooftop solar panels


Production section heating with floor thermal diffusion and temperature management with heat pump



Ethical Respect




EMC Srl is aware of the uttermost importance of respecting human rights at the workplace, along with safeguarding individual dignity, both within and beyond Italy, against any form of work abuse or exploitation, especially child labour. EMC commits itself, as far as possible, to veryfy all the work within its production structures and among its suppliers is always respectful towards human rights and workers' charters.

Along with its suppliers and partners, EMC requires and strongly promotes the implementation of safety policies against worker abuse, for the betterment of workplaces and professional growth of all the people involved.

Inside EMC, the Company Direction promotes maximum respect among all job positions, including line workers, aiming for the creation of a comfortable workplace which favors cooperation; an environment where thoughts, new ideas, and innovative suggestions may find the best soil to bloom and grow.

The company strives so that all employees may expand their working culture, so that all of them can find themselves in a condition where the maximum potential may be expressed, within an organization where responsibility roles are achieved thanks to real, verified, and acquired merits.

EMC guarantees all its working spaces comply to the most strict and recent european standards, in favor of the safety for workers and outside visitors, other than the prevention and protection from risks regarding flame accidents.


ISO 14001:2015